2024 Touring Edition: Introducing the Latest Upgrades and Enhancements

Introduction: In addition to adding two new floorplans (the 29RS and 29MRS), the 2024 Touring Edition, our line of luxury travel trailers, has undergone various upgrades and enhancements that reflect Ember RV’s commitment to innovation, comfort, and convenience. Take a closer look at the exciting improvements that make the 2024 Touring Edition the perfect choice for your next adventure.

New Next Gen Chassis: Ember RV has introduced a Next Gen chassis constructed from High-Strength, Low-Alloy (HSLA) Steel, fastened with Huck® fasteners. It is also powder-coated and E-coated to help mitigate rust. This advanced chassis design ensures durability, longevity, and stability. 

Standard Front Aluminum Gear Box: The 2024 Touring Edition models now come equipped with a front Aluminum Gear Box as a standard feature. This standard enhances both storage capacity and exterior aesthetics, offering a sleek and functional solution for your travel needs.

Standard CUB Lane Change Assist (LCA): Safety takes center stage with the inclusion of CUB Lane Change Assist as a standard feature. This technology provides real-time assistance when changing lanes, making your journeys safer and more enjoyable with the use of radar detectors and marker lights.

Upgraded Microwave to Convection/Air Fryer: Say goodbye to traditional microwaves. The 2024 Touring Edition now boasts a versatile convection oven with an air fryer feature, giving you the ability to prepare a wide range of delicious meals on the road.

Enhanced Bedroom Convenience: Enjoy added convenience in the bedroom with the inclusion of 120V/USB outlets in all nightstand lower cabinets. Stay connected and keep your devices charged without the hassle of searching for outlets.

Standardized Whole-Coach Water Pressure Regulation: Consistent water pressure is now ensured throughout the entire coach, enhancing your overall water usage experience.

Exterior Hidden Camping Table: Experience outdoor dining like never before with the new hidden camping table. Stored conveniently in the pass-through storage ceiling, this table storage allows you the opportunity to bring an extra table along without taking up valuable storage space.

Amber LED Lighting in Front Hitch Area: Enhanced visibility during hitching and unhitching is achieved with the addition of amber LED lighting in the front hitch area. This feature simplifies your setup process, even in low-light conditions.

Congoleum® DiamondFlor® Flooring: Enjoy a carpet-less interior with the introduction of Congoleum® DiamondFlor® flooring. This durable, upgraded, easy-to-clean flooring enhances the overall aesthetic and cleanliness of your travel trailer.

Slide Topper Prepped Slide Rooms: All slide rooms in the 2024 Touring Edition models are now Slide Topper prepped. This feature offers easy install of slide toppers that provide protection from debris and elements, ensuring your slides remain in top condition.

StarLink Cable Prep: Stay connected on the road with StarLink cable prep. This addition allows for easy installation of cable services, providing access to entertainment and information wherever you travel.

Upgraded Off-Grid Solar Package: The Off-Grid Solar package receives an upgrade with the introduction of a 50Amp Victron MPPT Solar Controller. This enhancement ensures efficient energy capture and utilization, perfect for off-the-grid adventures.

The 2024 Touring Edition models represent an exciting step forward in our line of luxury travel trailers. With these upgrades and enhancements, we strive to continue to set the standard for comfort, safety, and innovation in the RV industry. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first RV adventure, the 2024 Touring Edition is ready to elevate your journey.

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