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When it Comes to Value-Added Features, Our RVs Come Stacked

Last year, Ember came blazing onto the RV scene determined to be different. From our built-ready features, allowing you to go from factory to camping,… Read more »

Buying Local Is a Great Idea for More Than Just Produce

Before making a big commitment and purchasing your own RV, it’s important that you do thorough research and get inside of one to explore in… Read more »

Off-Grid but Not Out of Touch

The desire to go off-grid doesn’t necessarily come along with a desire to forgo using the features of your RV or disconnect from everything completely,… Read more »

Reliable Roadside Assistance on the Go: Tredit Advantage Program

Every RVer knows that a flat tire or a lost RV key can quickly derail your plans and turn a great trip into a headache,… Read more »

5-sided Composite Lamination Construction

Ember Recreational Vehicles is challenging the status quo in the RV industry. From our innovative chassis to our modern interior design, we seek to set… Read more »

A Unit Built for Families on The Go

From the start, we knew we wanted to cater to the off-road, off-grid enthusiasts, all while keeping adventurous families in mind. While our Overland Micro… Read more »

Trailblazer Chassis

Ember set out to blaze new trails in the RV industry. This meant that we needed to change the game when it came to one… Read more »

Small Size. Big Adventures

The Overland Micro Series is the perfect example of something that is small but mighty. Smaller in size, but robust in its list of features… Read more »

The Ember Story

Ember was born from the sparks of an idea that couldn’t be extinguished. A woman with a legacy determined to make a better RV by… Read more »

Ember’s Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday gift-giving season is fast approaching and it’s time to make sure you find the perfect gifts for the campers on your shopping list! Ember’s first annual holiday… Read more »

7 Reasons Why Ember Uses Composite Flooring to Enhance Quality and Owner Experience

When shopping for an RV, most customers probably don’t think much about the flooring that resides beneath carpet, vinyl, or linoleum coverings. This is understandable… Read more »

Ember’s Crowd-Pleasing Chili Recipe: Perfect for Fall Camping and Tailgating

Fall is in the air, and it’s the perfect time of year for making delicious meals outside around the campfire. The days are getting cooler,… Read more »

Ember’s Easy as 1-2-3 Warranty

At Ember™, durable construction and pride of craftsmanship are injected into the DNA of every single unit that we build. Our company philosophy pledges to… Read more »

Smart and Chic Design by Ashley Nicole

Each of the units in Ember’s Overland and Overland Micro series feature smart and chic Design by Ashley Nicole. Our CEO, co-founder, and lead interior… Read more »


Ember™ is Built to Go Off-Road Blazing New Trails for Next-Level Adventures Ember’s Overland and Overland Micro Series are built for discerning modern RV owners… Read more »


Ember™ is Built to Go Off-Grid Join the Crowd. Or Leave Them Behind. You Decide. We love full hookup sites and traditional campgrounds just as… Read more »

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