Ember Chooses Industry-Leading Truma Combi Eco Plus for Heat and Hot Water

The product design team at Ember is dedicated to selecting quality materials and components that make your camping and ownership experience as comfortable and worry-free as possible. So when we chose an system to deliver heat and hot water to our coaches, we selected the lightest, most energy-efficient product on the market today. The Truma Combi Eco Plus combines a furnace and water heater in a single, reliable, and space-saving system and provides many benefits to our owners! Keep reading to learn more about why we chose this piece of equipment for our products, which comes standard in our Overland Series and as an optional upgrade in our Overland Micro Series.


Why the Truma Combi Eco Plus?

Space and Weight Savings

Ember’s Overland Series of trailers range in length from 20’6” to 22’6” and Overland Micro Series trailers are 12’ 10” long. So choosing a single system that combines a furnace and water heater saves space in smaller coaches and reduces its weight. Using the Truma Combi allows us to have more storage capacity in the coach.


Greater Control and Variety of Power Usage

The Truma Combi Eco Plus can be operated on propane, electric, or mixed modes. This gives Ember owners a greater degree of control when it comes to using and conserving power as needed. When camping with hookups, owners might choose to use the electric mode to heat their coaches. When boondocking, using gas (propane from your onboard tanks) would be the smartest option, so that you don’t drain power from your battery bank. It can also be run using mixed mode, which will use the most efficient option (gas or electric) depending on the temperature delta.


Quick and Even Distribution of Heat

The Truma Combi Eco Plus has 7,500 BTU/h and 14,300 BTU/h output operating levels and it provides quick and even distribution of heat throughout our coaches with smart placement of the ducts. It delivers heat almost instantaneously on gas mode and takes just a few minutes longer when it is being powered by electricity. Even if you are camping with hookups, you may want to start in gas mode to get the heat moving quickly, and then switch over to a mixed or electric mode to power the Truma Combi from the hookups at your site, and not from the resources in your coach. No matter which mode you choose, the Truma Combi will maintain a constant temperature to keep you warm and cozy on chilly nights at the campground or your favorite boondocking spot.


The Truma Combi Eco Plus Is Incredibly Quiet

The design team at Ember also wanted to create a quiet coach that was easy to relax and fall asleep in at night. So many modern RVs are plagued by noisy systems that beep and buzz and make the inside of the coach sound like an arcade filled with classic pinball machines. The Truma Combi Eco Plus is incredibly quiet–in fact, it is nearly silent. This is particularly impressive considering it combines two systems into one compact unit!


The Truma Combi is the Most Efficient Product on the Market

We know that our owners are seeking out adventures that can take them far away from traditional campgrounds with electric hookups. So choosing systems that are energy efficient is important so that you can stay out longer without heading back into town to fill up your propane tanks. The Truma Combi offers up the highest available energy-efficiency–up to 90%. The Truma Combi even dispels heat efficiently from the side of the coach. The vent is small and subtle and does not get burning hot to the touch like other furnace vents do because the Truma Combi is using the heat that it creates efficiently, and not blowing it right out of the coach. The Truma Combi’s efficiency makes it a smart choice for those that want to stay out longer and wander a bit further from home.


Durability and Reliability

Whether you are camping at an RV resort, far off grid, or somewhere in between, having reliable systems is an important part of the camping experience. Dealing with a broken furnace or water heater can easily ruin a camping trip–especially if you are camping in colder weather. It doesn’t take much research to discover that Truma products are widely known for their reliability and durability. The Truma Combi Eco Plus in your Ember unit will work…and work and work! It’s that simple.


Ember’s Unique Integration of the Truma Combi Eco Plus

The engineers at Ember have also integrated the Truma Combi into our coaches with intelligence and intentionality. Winterizing the Truma Combi on an Ember coach is easy to do because it is tied into our exterior Nautilus Water Management System. Pulling a simple and easily identifiable lever will bypass your Truma Combi’s tank so that you can introduce antifreeze or compressed air into the system. Draining the Truma Combi’s tank is also easy to do. Additionally, the Truma Combi’s furnace is vented into the underbelly of each coach. This feature helps to extend your camping season into the colder months, especially when combined with use of Ember’s standard tank heaters.


Ember’s focus is to give our owners the most comfortable and worry-free camping experience that they can possibly have. Choosing industry-leading systems like the Truma Combi Eco Plus is just another example of how we are striving to build better RVs for our owners. RVs that are built to last and enjoyable to use on each and every camping trip–wherever you may roam.

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