Recipe: Campfire Peach Crisp

Good news for you: I’m not a food blogger, which means you won’t need to scroll, and scroll, and scroll, before you get to the details about this barely-a-recipe. The even better news: I’m actually brand ambassador for Ember RV, and we’re on the road making memories because life is too short, and you should always book the trip. Our Overland Series Ember comes equipped with two indoor gas burners and an outdoor flat top. Add in the campfire, and we have three cooking options where ever we go!

Ingredients: (2 large cans is our preference) sliced peaches, cinnamon graham crackers, instant oatmeal (I chose Maple and brown sugar), butter, foil pan, and aluminum toil or Dutch oven.

I chose the aluminum foil route because, with a toddler, I’m all for ease. This recipe is kid friendly. Simply smash all the things. The graham crackers, the instant oatmeal. While reviewing all the various takes on this recipe online, one content creator shared a solid tip: cut the peaches into bite-sized pieces while still in the can.

I do recommend adding more peaches than you think you’ll need. The heat from the fire can dry up the ingredients. Top with butter, cover with foil and put on the grates above the fire. If baking on the fire, your dish should not be engulfed in flames. It should be ready in about 15-25 minutes depending on the heat. This would also be a great dish for the grill.

Written by: Brooke (Ember Brand Ambassador)

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