The Ember Story

Ember was born from the sparks of an idea that couldn’t be extinguished. A woman with a legacy determined to make a better RV by making a better RV company, Ashley Bontrager Lehman set out to create a new RV company with 3 experienced and knowledgeable co-founders. Knowing that to truly set Ember apart, they needed to reimagine what an RV company is and should be in 2021. Starting by bringing together a fiery team and working to embolden all of their team members to contribute their talents, they embarked on an uncharted path to create something unique and cater to a more discerning RV owner.


Ember is all about forging new paths and giving the owner the ability to RV how they want: off-grid and off-road or head to a more conventional camping site. Our units are built tough to handle whatever adventures you throw its way. We strive for innovation in all aspects of our design, from our ground-breaking Trailblazer chassis with an all-new independent suspension system, to our modern, yet warm interior design to Ember’s creative storage options so you never have to compromise!


Our team behind Ember understands that RV enthusiasts today have more options for camping than ever before and many are choosing to forgo the crowds of traditional campgrounds for more secluded camp sites. We’re working hard to meet all of those off-roading needs while still allowing for a wide variety of journeys you wish to take.

Born from the fire,
a glowing ember.

An idea that couldn’t be extinguished, an ember ready to ignite. A woman with a legacy, determined to blaze an uncharted path. A brave and fiery team at her side, ready for a new purpose and a change. A wildly different energy infused into every innovation, every design.

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