5-sided Composite Lamination Construction

Ember Recreational Vehicles is challenging the status quo in the RV industry. From our innovative chassis to our modern interior design, we seek to set ourselves apart in as many areas as possible. When you’re in the market for a new RV, how your walls and roof are constructed isn’t always at the top of your mind during the buying process. It’s usually the floorplan or the added features that make an RV feel like a home on wheels that get the most attention. But we’re here to tell you, the construction of the unit is important and Ember’s construction process is definitely worth talking about.


Our units feature 5-sided composite lamination construction. This means that our walls AND roof are fully composite and laminated. Our composite material of choice for our walls and our roof is Azdel Onboard®. Azdel panels are produced in the USA by combining a patented mix of polypropylene and fiberglass. This creates a durable, lightweight, temperature regulating and element-resistant wall that helps increase your RV’s lifespan. It is also environmentally friendly, odorless, and reduces rig weight helping to keep down fuel costs while providing a quieter ride. You can read about these benefits and more at azdelonboard.com.


We start on the exterior with a fiberglass layer, then add a layer of Azdel. After this layer, we continue the construction with our aluminum framing and foam. Then we round it out on the interior walls with yet another layer of Azdel, for a fully-composite build – NO WOOD!  No wood in our walls and roof (and a floor made of a one-piece composite material called TransCore™) means that our structure is impervious to water damage, mold, mildew, and rot!  Azdel is also 50% lighter than wood and is sustainable, USA-made product.



Going off-road and off-grid can mean facing harsher conditions and we took extra care to ensure that not only will you be protected from the elements, but you’ll have a quiet sanctuary to relax in after your adventures. We know that our structure provides one of the most sturdy, comfortable, and quiet environments on wheels today, creating an enjoyable experience for the journey and the destination.

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