A Unit Built for Families on The Go

From the start, we knew we wanted to cater to the off-road, off-grid enthusiasts, all while keeping adventurous families in mind. While our Overland Micro was built perfectly for those traveling lighter, we needed a more spacious RV for those that wanted to bring along their families. Enter the Overland Series. Created for those wanting to live a life on the go but not skimp on the living space, features, and functions, the Overland Series has just about everything you could want in an RV and more.


The Overland Series starts with all of the features Ember has become known for, such as everything that comes with the Trailblazer Chassis, the composite floor, walls and roof, the warranty and the fact that it’s built ready to go off-road and off-grid. Then we focused on floor plans that we know families and couples love. With five floor plan to choose from – 170MBH, 170MRB, 171FB, 190MDB and 191MDB – we’re sure you’ll find one that fits your unique needs! With each of these floor plans, we took extra care to ensure that the interior of the units are packed with features, each oriented in a different way so that you can choose which layout works best for you and your family.


Every Overland unit comes with a residential-size queen bed nestled perfectly under our Stargazer skylight so you can catch some Z’s while staring up at the stars. As an added bonus, each queen bed (except the 171FB) is a murphy bed that you can tuck away for even more space to hang out in during the day. Need a bit more sleeping space? The 170MBH, 190MDB, and 191MDB floor plans have you covered. Each of these floor plans has added features that can accommodate more adventurers with bunks and also a Jack Knife sleeper sofa or a dinette that converts to a bed.


When designing the Overland Series, we wanted the units to feel like a home away from home and we didn’t stop with the sleeping arrangements. We added a fully stacked kitchen in each unit complete with a 12V refrigerator – ready to run off solar, a two-burner cooktop, and large stainless steel kitchen sink so you can cook gourmet meals on the go and clean up with ease. We also added the option for an exterior griddle for those wanting to cook alfresco on warm summer nights in floorplans with outdoor kitchens. Don’t forget about the dimmable interior and exterior LED lighting so you can set the mood come dinner time and keep your awning light low so you don’t disrupt your neighbor’s ambience either!


Speaking of our dimmable lighting, a lot of us have come to rely on technology to make our daily lives easier and we know that many RVers enjoy that same convenience while out camping. The units in the Overland Series come equipped with our EmberLink™ Smart RV Control System powered by OneControl™. This system allows you to control the lighting, awning, and slides on your RV from one centralized location. You can also connect to the EmberLink system via your smartphone over Bluetooth, giving you the controls in the palm of your hand.


The interior has all the comforts you need to make you feel right at home when you’re camping, while the exterior has all the features that allow longer exploring and with more peace of mind. There are numerous items we added to make staying off-grid possible such as the bigger tanks and solar panels, just to name a few. The Ember Overland units come with a 55-gallon fresh tank, and a 35-gallon gray tank and 35-gallon black tank and our standard solar package makes your time off-grid easier giving you the ability to power systems in your RV and charge your electronics. It includes one 190-Watt Go Power!® panel on the roof and a 1000-Watt inverter that converts power to all the outlets (except A/C and optional microwave). If you want to amp up your off-grid capabilities, we offer a “Max Solar Option” which bumps up each aspect of the standard solar package including adding more solar panels on the roof – three panels versus just one for a total of 570-Watts – and a 3000-Watt inverter that sends power to all the outlets plus the microwave and A/C. You’ll be able to stay off-grid and remain comfortable!


These are just a few of the amazing features that we offer on our Overland Series units built with adventurous families in mind. There is so much packed into the Overland Series that sets them apart in their ability to be taken anywhere and create lasting memories along the way.

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