Why Buying Local Is a Great Idea for RVs

Before making a big commitment and purchasing your own RV, it’s important that you do thorough research and get inside of one to explore in person. From the sales experience to the after-sale service you will receive, buying from your local dealer is an important part of the entire process. If you can establish a strong relationship with a dealer in or near your community from the start, you’re likely to have a great experience with your RV that goes well beyond the buying stage. Here are a few reasons why buying from your closest Ember dealer is important.

Product Specialists

Research is a key factor in the RV buying process that can, at times, be overwhelming. It’s a great starting point for potential owners, but with tons of options on the market, you may need further assistance to narrow it down to the right choice for you. Your local dealer is an invaluable asset for any questions you may have, from towing weights and tank capacities to must-have features and floorplans. They can answer any of your questions, easy or difficult, helping you make sure you’re headed the right direction to finding a suitable RV for your needs. Having a product specialist walk you through some of your wants, likes, dislikes, and concerns can ensure that the buying process goes smoothly, is an enjoyable experience, and that you’ll end up in an RV that’s more correct for you. And, if you choose to buy from your closest dealer, it’s easier to take your time with the process if you’re near, allowing you to pop in and out of the dealership more frequently for all your questions. It’s also typically a good idea to be able to see the RV you are considering purchasing in person before you take the plunge. Seeing it in person enables you to get a feel for the set-up of the rig, experience the RV’s key features, and play around with them to be sure it will be the best fit for you.

During The Sale Support

Another benefit of buying from your local RV dealer happens once the purchasing process progresses into the actual sale. You’ve done your research, asked all of your questions, and have been guided through to this step with the help of your local dealer. This gives you more peace of mind knowing that you covered all of your bases and you had someone behind you each step of the way. Your dealer has invested time and energy into you, the customer, and will want to work to see that you have an enjoyable sales experience through to the end.

After The Sale Peace of Mind

The purchase of an RV and your experience don’t end after the sale is complete. Being down the road from where you bought your RV makes it easier to maintain a strong relationship with your dealer post-sale and that is a huge benefit! Warranties and after-sale care are important parts of RVing that potential owners should consider well before they sign the papers. Many RV dealers offer some kind of after-sale care including maintenance, repairs, and upgrades that will be crucial to the enjoyment of your rig for years to come. And even if they don’t, forming that relationship with your closest Ember dealer will give you a homebase when necessary repairs pop up. Buying from your local dealer means you’ll be just a short drive away from these services allowing you to spend less time driving to and getting service and more time in the great outdoors.

Buying local has numerous benefits that can make your RV ownership experience smooth and enjoyable while helping to build an invaluable relationship between dealer and owner. They can be your greatest tool and teammate throughout the purchasing process and your biggest support in after-the-sale service. So, what are you waiting for? Use our dealer locator feature to find the dealer nearest you and get the good times rolling!

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