When it Comes to Value-Added Features, Our RVs Come Stacked

Last year, Ember came blazing onto the RV scene determined to be different. From our built-ready features, allowing you to go from factory to camping, to the quality materials we diligently sourced, there are a few reasons why Ember’s price tag is a bit higher than some other manufacturers and we promise you, it’s well worth it.


Starting with the raw materials and integrated products we choose, we always seek to find the best quality build, so your RV maintains its structural and functional integrity for years to come. Our units are constructed with durable materials, with a focus on sourcing domestically. While domestic products usually come at a higher cost, it is important to us that we get our materials close to home. We won’t sacrifice the reliability of your RV’s build to save a few dollars on the front end, only to spend them on the back end.


One major example of Ember’s domestic sourcing is the USA-made composite materials used to construct our units. Our TransCore™ composite flooring comes with numerous added benefits that make your RV more durable and efficient. Ember’s composite flooring is waterproof, making it resistant to mold and mildew. It is lightweight, eco-friendly, has high screw retention, deters insect infestation, and comes in a single piece. Traditional RV flooring often is made from wood and comes in multiple pieces that need to be placed together, leading to higher rate of rot, mold and mildew and frequent squeaking noises. Because of these benefits, an RV with composite flooring will last longer and holds its resale value much better than one without.

It’s not just our floors that are built with composite materials. Our walls and roof are composite making Ember’s build a five-sided composite lamination. All five sides (the roof and all four exterior walls) are fully composite and laminated, giving your RV a leg up on most others on the market. USA-made Azdel OnBoard® is our composite material of choice and we use this composite material on both sides of the wall, not just one like other manufacturers, which we believe adds value to our units. Azdel panels are not only produced domestically; they are constructed using a patented mix of polypropylene and fiberglass. This perfect mix of materials makes for a more durable, lightweight, element-resistant, and temperature regulating exterior that will increase the lifespan of your RV. The use of Azdel in our construction isn’t the only reason our wall construction is superior. We also leave wood out of our wall and roof construction entirely. Omitting wood means that your walls and roof will be impervious to mold, mildew, and rot, just like the flooring, reducing your chances of spending valuable dollars on repairs. Our walls and flooring, coupled with the addition of dual-pane, insulated windows, will not only make your RV built to last but will also increase its efficiency in creating a comfortable interior environment.


We have to talk about our Trailblazer™ chassis if we’re talking value-added construction. Our chassis is genuinely unique and has many amazing built-in featuresHaving a stronger foundation sets us apart from most other manufacturers. Our units are built to be taken anywhere; RV resorts, boondocking, dispersed camping, state and national parks, dry-camping, backyards…you name it, the choice is yours. That ability starts with our chassis. It is constructed with heavy-duty, reinforced steel tubing instead of a conventional I-Beam frame. But, this isn’t the only reason our chassis is true to its “trailblazer” name. The list of value-added features continues with the addition of the standard CURT Independent Suspension System. It boasts a trailing-arm, axle-free design, with road-dampening shocks and heavy-duty springs to provide a smoother ride and gives the correct support for increased structural integrity for the long haul. We also provided a patent-pending integrated parking brake, a heavy-duty electric flat jack, a unique tongue-mounted gearbox, and Ember’s exclusive VersaCoupler™, a customizable hitching system. These features make utilizing your RV more manageable and save you from making costly upgrades after the purchase. You can read more about the Trailblazer chassis here.

What’s more, we’ve combined this unique off-road chassis design (explicitly made for Ember) with name-brand 16” Goodyear Wrangler load range E tires to make the foundation more off-road ready than any other. These tires, backed by an impressive, reputable brand, are made to withstand inclement weather and rugged terrain, leaving you with the peace of mind that your wheels will hold up. To reassure you that your tires will always be in tip-top shape, we’ve also included Tire Linc® Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) standard that is part of EmberLink™, our OneControl smart RV system, giving you the convenience of operating various functions right from one centralized system with an app for your smartphone.


Saving our owners from making expensive additions to get their RVs ready for off-grid, to pair with our off-road ready chassis seemed like a no-brainer to us. Those features are built right into our units, so you can spend less time customizing your rig to handle whatever campsite you choose. Our solar package comes standard on all of our units, equipping you with a 190W GoPower! panel and a 1000-Watt inverter that powers all of your outlets (excluding the A/C and optional microwave).

For even more bang for your buck, we give you the option to upgrade your solar capabilities with our “Max Solar Package.” This upgrade gets you two more solar panels and a 3000-Watt inverter. Solar capabilities aren’t always added to an RV’s build, but we’ve decided that it’s essential to give our owners off-grid power straight from the factory. Our Solar package offers owners the ability to remain off-grid longer. Combine that with our larger-than-most tanks (55-Gal. fresh water and 35-Gal. black and grey water on the Overland), you’ll stay completely comfortable throughout your unplugged adventure. Even if you set up camp in a more traditional setting, you won’t need to dump your tanks as often, leaving more time for fun.


Another way we’ve increased the efficiency of your RV is by including the revolutionary Truma Combi Eco Plus, providing you with hot water and heated air from a singular, European-designed system. Because of this one system, you’ll have more space to bring more of what is important to you! Not to mention, it boasts the highest available energy efficiency and a near-silent operation allowing you to rest comfortably and use fewer resources.


We’ve taken many steps to ensure we give you the most value and longevity for your Ember as possible. That didn’t end with the construction of the unit. We’ve paired all of these fantastic, built-ready features and ground-breaking design elements with a solid warranty to back it all up. Our “Easy as 1-2-3 Warranty” is one of the most comprehensive warranties and gives you a better after-sale experience knowing you’ll be covered when you need it. Ember’s coverage comes a one-time transfer of ownership, a two-year limited warranty that is one of the best in the industry, and a three-year limited structural warranty. As an owner of an Ember RV, you’ll have coverage for 730 days with the base limited warranty and an additional 360 days on the structural integrity. We couldn’t think of a better way to stand by the build of our units and the value they hold.

We’re committed to building a better RV, and in doing so, we will always strive to find the highest quality materials, add in as many built-ready features as we can and give you the peace of mind you deserve when you take your Ember out on all of your adventures with our warranty. We believe in the idea that our owners should be paying for an RV that is camping-correct and adventure-ready, not one that is an adventure to prepare for your journey. Ember RVs, with quality construction and valuable features, are ready when you are.

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