Ember’s Easy as 1-2-3 Warranty

At Ember™, durable construction and pride of craftsmanship are injected into the DNA of every single unit that we build. Our company philosophy pledges to emphasize quality over quantity every single time and that is our guiding principle in every single production decision that we make. Our CEO and co-founder, Ashley Bontrager, grew up hearing her family talk about how “we’re not only selling RVs… we’re selling someone’s dream.” The concept of building someone’s dream begins with sourcing higher-quality materials and a focus on superior assembly and then supporting it after the sale with the warranty. She believes that if she is going to back a product with not only her name but her families’ legacy as well, it’s important to build a quality product and back it with a strong warranty.

Our “Easy as 1-2-3 Warranty” does just that. You can read the full warranty by clicking here but here’s the breakdown:

  • The “1” stands for the one-time transfer of the warranty that owners can make in the first year of ownership.
  • The “2” stands for the two-year limited warranty that is among the best in the industry.
  • The “3” stands for the three-year limited structural warranty to support the build of each Ember unit.

Our goal with 1-2-3 warranty is to provide owners with the peace of mind that they will be covered for 730 days with the base limited warranty plus an additional 365 days on the structural integrity. Part of our mission will always be to support owners correctly and having a strong warranty that goes along with the RV is important. Great products can have great warranties—and that will be the case with every single Ember RV that leaves our manufacturing facility.

We are building a better RV by building a better RV company and part of building a better RV company includes providing our owners with a better warranty and offering them a better owner experience after the sale.

It’s easy as 1-2-3, right?  To learn more, click here for a copy of Ember’s Easy 1-2-3 Warranty Document.

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