Off-Grid but Not Out of Touch

The desire to go off-grid doesn’t necessarily come along with a desire to forgo using the features of your RV or disconnect from everything completely, including the comforts we’ve become accustomed to. For some, going off-grid does mean leaving everything behind that connects you to our modern world, but we wanted to be sure we gave our owners the ability to choose just how “disconnected” they want to be. Our world runs on technology and convenience, so we took extra care to guarantee that our most adventurous wanderers could still use the functions and features of the unit, brew a cup of coffee, or turn on the A/C (with the MAX SOLAR Option only).* There are many things we added to our Overland and Overland Micro units to give you off-grid capability, but we are especially excited about our standard solar package and “Max Solar Option” that allow you to be off-grid ready, right out of the factory.

Each and every Ember unit that comes off our line has our standard solar package built right into the RV, ready to be taken to even the most remote locations right away. The standard solar package includes one 190-Watt Go Power! Panel on the roof and a 1000-Watt inverter that converts power to all of the outlets (excluding A/C and optional microwave). It also provides you with Go Power!’s 30 Amp PWM charge controller and additional solar ports located on the side and rear of the RV. The only prep left for you to do is to add your own batteries! And if you wish, you can also choose to include 1 or 2 Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries from Ember directly. With all of these features included, you’ll have no problem doing things like keeping your food cold, the lights on, charging your devices and remaining off-grid longer with the comforts you want.

Want to ramp up your power a little more? We offer a package for that too! Our “MAX SOLAR” option amps up the already sufficient standard solar package by giving you more power to go off-grid even longer and run ALL of the features – including the A/C and microwave – in your Ember. It includes three 190-Watt Go Power! Panels on the roof versus one and a 3000-Watt inverter that inverts the whole RV. It also gives you a Go Power! 30 Amp MPPT charge controller with Bluetooth and additional solar ports on the side and rear of the RV. The package includes two 100 AH Battle Born LiFeP04 batteries with the option to add up to two more of that same battery. With the “MAX SOLAR” option, you’ll have no shortage of choices when it comes to unplugged locations to set up camp!

With the knowledge that today’s RVer’s are more discerning and adventurous than ever, we made sure that we built an RV that could sustain itself for extended periods in remote locations that won’t have the traditional hook-ups. That’s why solar is at the core of Ember’s off-grid capabilities. Our RVs are built ready so that you can start discovering new locations sooner with confidence that you’ll be just as comfortable in the middle of nowhere as you would be at a traditional campground.

*Results will vary based on external conditions including, but not limited to the amount of sun, the temperature, and the humidity, as well as how many other functions of the coach are drawing power from the solar system at the time of use.  The number of batteries the coach is equipped with and the number of amp hours available will vary results as well.  It is important to understand how solar systems work in general before use.
Please Note:  Information provided in this blog post is the latest available at the time of publication approval.  Ember Recreational Vehicles reserves the right to make changes and to discontinue models or components without notice or obligation.

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