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We love full hookup sites and traditional campgrounds just as much as anyone else does. But we also know that today’s RV owners have more options for camping off-grid than ever before—and that some of those spots may involve traversing dirt roads and some may not. Whether they are enjoying camping on public land, at the edge of a beautiful winery, or in a friend’s driveway, those same owners want to wake up and brew a fresh pot of coffee and check in on fully charged devices. Ember’s standard solar package and “Max Solar Option” make all of these things possible and more.

Chris Barth, Ember Co-Founder and VP, believes that the ability to camp anywhere is an amazing goal and the idea of truly independent off-grid camping has been possible for some time, but finding an extremely functional, factory-installed system has been difficult. So Chris and the Ember development team decided to create one themselves—and then crank it up even further with Ember’s robust Max Solar Option.

Each unit in the Ember Overland and Overland Micro series comes standard with a solar package that is built to get you off-grid—right from the factory. The standard package includes one 190-Watt Go Power!® panel on the roof and a 1000-Watt inverter that converts power to all outlets (excluding A/C and optional microwave). The standard solar package also comes equipped with Go Power!’s 30 Amp PWM charge controller and solar ports on the side and rear of the coach. Owners also have the option to choose 1 or 2 Battle Born® LiFePO4 batteries.

Ember’s amped-up “Max Solar Option” includes three 190-Watt Go Power! panels on the roof, and a 3000-watt inverter that inverts the entire coach, including the microwave, A/C, and all outlets. The Max Solar Package also includes a Go Power! 30 Amp MPPT charge controller with Bluetooth and solar ports on the side and rear of the coach. Two 100 AH Battle Born® LiFeP04 batteries are included with this package and owners may opt to add up to two more of that same battery.

Solar may be at the core of Ember’s off-grid capabilities, but the rest of the unit was also designed to make blazing new trails as comfortable and convenient as possible. The Overland and Overland Micro series both have generously-sized tank sizes so that you can stay off-grid even longer. Each Overland floorplan comes with a 55-gallon fresh tank paired with ample black and grey tanks. The ROK and ROL floorplans in the Overland Micro series each come standard with a 26-gallon fresh tank. Ember owners also have greater LP capacity. All units come standard with dual 20-pound tanks, which makes your Ember unit an ideal basecamp for colder-weather camping and extended trips off-grid.

Ember is also proud to announce the standard inclusion of the revolutionary Truma® Combi Eco Plus which provides hot air and hot water from one smart, European-designed appliance. The Combi saves size and weight in your trailer so you can feel free to bring extra gear because you aren’t hauling two separate, heavy appliances. The Combi Eco Plus also boasts near-silent operation and highest available energy-efficiency up to 90%, so you can get a comfortable and quiet night’s sleep while using minimal resources. The Combi Eco Plus operates on propane, electric or mixed mode.

Whether you are trailblazing through new wilderness, boondocking on your way to your favorite national park, or setting up camp at a music festival, Ember’s off-grid capabilities have got you covered with comfort, elegance, and style.

Please Note:  Information provided in this blog post is the latest available at the time of publication approval.  Ember Recreational Vehicles reserves the right to make changes and to discontinue models or components without notice or obligation.

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