Ember™ is Built to Go Off-Road

Blazing New Trails for Next-Level Adventures

Ember’s Overland and Overland Micro Series are built for discerning modern RV owners whose wanderlust might inspire them to camp at an RV resort, a Harvest Hosts location, or on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land—and do so on the same trip. Ember VP, Co-Founder, and lead product developer, Chris Barth, understands that many traditional campsites and state, provincial, and national parks are busier than ever and, because of this, today’s RV owners are using their campers for a broader variety of outdoor experiences and a wider range of destinations than ever before. A driving motivation and passion for Chris is to build rugged and durable RVs with state-of-the-art equipment and a rock-solid foundation, because Ember customers need the freedom to blaze new trails and get to areas that are more rustic, off the beaten path, or completely off-road.

The centerpiece of Ember’s solid foundation is a unique chassis constructed of heavy-duty reinforced steel tubing instead of a conventional I-Beam frame. This rugged design creates additional torsional stability for improved off-road performance and durability. This chassis was designed and engineered specifically for Ember, making it one of the most capable and off-road ready chassis ever created.

Ember’s groundbreaking chassis is supported and reinforced by the all-new, integrated CURT™ Independent Suspension (IS) System, which comes standard on every RV that Ember builds. The CURT IS boasts a high-performance, axle-free design that is built for trailblazing owners that want to leave the noise of the crowd far behind them. The system’s groundbreaking design features road dampening shocks and cushioning springs that provide a smoother ride than traditional spring axles while performing better than expensive torsion axles. The Curt Independent Suspension will keep the Overland and Overland Micro running smoothly over rough terrain.

So will Ember’s standard 16” Goodyear® Wrangler Workhorse tires. These Nitro-filled tires are built for superb handling in inclement weather conditions both on road and off, as well as for consistent wear and long tread life. With Goodyear Wrangler Workhorse tires, your Ember unit can tackle tough terrain—and look good doing it along the way. The co-founders of Ember know that durability and safety start where the rubber meets the road. That’s why including low-quality tires was never an option. An integrated Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) also comes standard as part of our OneControl smart RV system.

Ember is built to perform off-road, but the innovation doesn’t stop when you reach your campsite—wherever that may be. Ember also features several groundbreaking products that will make setting up camp easier.

Ember’s new VersaCoupler™ hitching system allows owners to add articulating hitches and it fits a wider variety of tow vehicles with less need for adjustment. Our specialty tongue-mounted gear box adds to Ember’s rugged look and houses two 20-pound propane tanks while also providing extra storage that is easily accessible.

Finally, Ember integrated an all-new parking brake to replace traditional RV wheel chocks. Simply pull the brake tight to the tire and your Ember Recreational Vehicle isn’t going anywhere — it even includes a padlock security option. When you are ready to go, pull the brake back to storage position with nothing to disassemble or store.

In many ways, the Ember Overland and Overland Micro Series bridge the gap between a more conventional RV consumer and the Overland fanatic. But at Ember we believe that these two communities share more similarities than differences.

The Ember team believes the overlanding and RV communities have both long embraced similar concepts of wanderlust and road tripping — traveling for the sake of the journey and the experience, regardless of the destination. The bottom line is that Ember’s innovations will be desirable to both tribes. Whether they are using hashtag #rvlife or hashtag #overlander, consumers will find that Ember’s off-road equipment is unrivalled and always ready for adventure.

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