Smart and Chic Design by Ashley Nicole

Adventurous Days, Comfortable and Inviting Nights

Each of the units in Ember’s Overland and Overland Micro series feature smart and chic Design by Ashley Nicole. Our CEO, co-founder, and lead interior designer describes the Ember style as “clean and modern, but with a warm, inviting touch.” Because she believes that adventurous days should always end with comfortable nights.


Design by Ashley Nicole always features an underlying neutral palette that “adds in pops of color, interesting fabrics and mixing materials to add intrigue.” It’s a modern, clean look but by adding natural materials such as wood or stone with soft textiles, it creates a warmer feel. This design aesthetic is currently being called “Organic Modern” and Ashley has enjoyed applying its principles to an extensive remodeling of her own home. A home that happens to be on a lake called “Coverdale” which is what Ember’s first décor is named after.


During that journey she discovered that she loved thinking through every single aspect of design, from the layout of the space to the colors of the pillows—and that being intentional with every single choice was necessary to unlock the potential of the entire space. When designing Ember’s stylish look Ashley applied that same intentionality and creativity to every single detail. From the placement of drawers, cabinet doors and hidden storage space to the look of the countertops and sofas to the bed coverings and the accent pillows to add pop, it all has to come together with intentionality.


Interior design goes well beyond picking materials and fabric colors. If the space isn’t designed from the beginning with good flow, well-thought-out placement or sufficient storage space, it’s harder to justify beautiful materials and color selections. So it was important to Ashley to be involved in discussions with the engineering design team, helping guide certain aspects of each floorplan. Her overarching design goal was to give Ember owners a place to kick back, relax, and recharge with “a chic interior look and the comforts of home.” Which includes well-thought-out storage space so that those same owners can “bring along all of the gear and personal items they need.”


Design by Ashley Nicole brings a creative and modern approach to Ember’s interior designs—and those design choices form the perfect accompaniment to Ember’s rugged and attractive exterior features. Overland and Overland Micro owners will love every inch of their RV’s interiors and feel completely at home whether they are camping at an RV resort, or somewhere far off-grid.

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