Overland Series MSL Models: The Perfect Combination of Versatility and Style

When it comes to our Overland Series MSL models, versatility is the name of the game. We know that the needs and wants of the modern RVer are ever-changing, and we’re always seeking ways to innovate along with our owners and potential owners. The MSL models are built with today’s most discerning RVers in mind and come stacked with features that allow owners to choose the best orientation to fit their individual needs out on the road. With three different floorplans to offer, the possibilities are truly endless!

We can’t talk about the 190MSL, 191MSL, and 221MSL without diving right into the feature that makes these floorplans some of our most unique and versatile units to date. The storage locker area in the rear of the RV measures 74” X 46” and is equipped to fit your and your family’s needs. The large storage space is built-ready with the repositionable EmberTrack™ E-Track Bunk/Storage System. The movable double over double bunk bases can be used for a handful of different orientations, so you can utilize the space however you need, trip after trip.

Need more room for the family to sleep? The double over double bunk bases can be positioned and used as a bunkhouse setup. Working from the road? You can easily and quickly reposition the bunk bases to a single-sized bunk to serve as a desk in a mobile office space during the day! You can also utilize the bunk bases as shelving for additional, organized storage space for all of your extra gear and supplies or remove them completely to make room for larger storage items like bikes or pet crates. And with access to a storage locker door on the door side of the rig and a smaller door on the rear, loading and unloading items will be a breeze. Whatever your specific needs may be for your adventures, the MSL storage locker can accommodate them!

The convenience of the MSL models doesn’t stop at the storage locker area. The living space is built to maximize comfort and functionality. The jack-knife sofa, complete with a removable table, is the perfect space to lounge in during the day. For additional sleeping space, the sofa can be transformed into a bed at night, along with Murphy bed in the nose of the coach. The kitchen comes fully stacked with a 12V, spacious fridge, built-in microwave, dual-burner cooktop, and a stainless-steel kitchen sink with a flush mount cover when you need a little more counter space.

The front of the rig features a cozy, residential-sized queen Murphy bed (60” X 80”), overhead cabinet space, and the Stargazer Skylight. The 221MSL also comes with dual nightstands and wardrobes on either side of the bed for easy storage of your clothing. To make these units feel even more like your home away from home, each MSL model is built-ready with a quality entertainment area with a 12V HDTV and AV System.

The exterior of the MSL models leaves nothing to be desired as well. Each floorplan comes with a spacious pass-through storage area, a front, tongue-mounted gearbox with a lockable storage box and room for dual 20lb LP tanks, and a sizeable electric awning to make setting up camp simple and efficient. And of course, each Overland MSL floorplan is complete with the amazing off-road and off-grid features built into our Overland Series and are backed by an industry-leading “Easy as 1-2-3 limited warranty.”

The 190MSL, 191MSL, and 221MSL are hard to beat when it comes to adaptability. The addition of the EmberTrack™ E-Track Bunk/Storage System gives owners the power to make the rig work for them and their specific needs and make changes when and how they want. To explore all that the MSL models have to offer in features and specs, visit our website! And, when you’re ready to see one in person, use our dealer locator to find your nearest Ember dealer.

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