Reliable Roadside Assistance on the Go: Tredit Advantage Program

Every RVer knows that a flat tire or a lost RV key can quickly derail your plans and turn a great trip into a headache, fast.  Even worse, these things can happen when you’re in an unfamiliar place unsure of where to turn.  We know that peace of mind and access to help quickly are paramount in these situations.  To help our owners get back on the road as fast as possible, we have partnered with Tredit™, supplier of our Goodyear® Wrangler Off-Road tires, to provide quick and reliable roadside services with the touch of a button.

Access to the Tredit Advantage 4-Year Roadside Assistance Program, powered by, is an amazing addition to your purchase of any Ember RV.  They provide nationwide 24/7, on-demand assistance to RVers who require crucial services to help them get back up and running to continue their travels. In a world where convenience is key, this program is unmatched in its user-friendly app and the businesses it partners with to take care of you and your family on your journey. So, how exactly does the program work? We’re glad you asked!

The Tredit Advantage program includes a nationwide network of dependable and qualified roadside assistance professionals to provide you with services such as towing, jumping, flat tire changes, emergency fuel delivery, and automotive locksmith services, among other things. Through the use of their easy-to-use app, you can request the service you need with the click of a button and by providing a few additional details, you’ll be connected to the nearest available roadside assistance professional. Your location will be automatically provided to them via the app and you’ll receive real-time updates on their eta so you can rest assured that they are on their way to you. Upon the satisfactory completion of the repair, you’ll be charged a flat rate for the service provided.

We haven’t even revealed the best part yet. The program covers not only your Ember RV but it covers your tow vehicle as well! That’s right. Have a dead battery or a flat tire on your tow vehicle? The Tredit Advantage Program, powered by, will help you out with that as well. Without your tow vehicle in tip-top shape, your RV won’t go very far. That’s why it was important to us to partner with a program that was able to take care of the tow vehicle in addition to the RV.

Our desire to create an amazing experience for our owners doesn’t stop once the purchase is completed. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to ensure that our community is taken care of after the sale. The Tredit Advantage Roadside Assistance Program is the perfect way to get our owners the help they need, quickly, when they’re in a bind. You can visit the Tredit Advantage website to learn even more about the program and how it can help you on your travels when needed!

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